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Noordhoek Beach is THE most beautiful and unspoilt stretch of beach you will find in Cape Town and it stretches on for 8 beautiful kilometres. As you head over Chapman’s Peak, you will be welcomed by the picturesque and awesome shoreline below that meanders towards Kommetjie in the distance.

It is the most unspoilt and best protected beach on the Atlantic Cape coast, whilst at one end it is defined by Chapman’s peak plunging into the sea, and at the other, by the Kommetjie lighthouse and in between you will find the Kakapo wreck.

The beach is backed by National park-protected wetlands, and as a result is free of the urban sprawl that characterizes many other Cape Town bays.

It is a beach haven for family fun offering interesting rocky outcrops, little rock pools and everyday as the sand shift, the beach takes on new meaning. It is a favourite place for dogs to run free, a common and popular place for picnics and beach suppers while watching the sun set, for a peaceful, beautiful long walk, it’s the best place to be.

Punctuated by a series of sand banks it delivers waves of various lengthens, shapes and sizes making it an enjoyable and challenging spot for surfing. Peaks are close to perfection and fun to ride, nice long waves with lots of barrels to be had. The HOEK is a secret and perfect spot for body boarders and short boarders. Surfing bliss and paradise.


Horses on Noordhoek beach in the morning is a common and beautiful sight. On the beach riding goes on forever - along the 8km stretch of pristine and endless white sand with the most magnificent views of the sea, crashing waves and magnificent mountain slopes and vineyards. Behind the beach are the wetlands, overgrown with green coastal fynbos, but which brings to us many interesting and exciting horse trails.

Horse riding is a common site in Noordhoek as many residents own horses and keep them on their large properties, which offer that rural and country feel which our children long for. There are many trails through the wetlands, along the beach and in Noordhoek village.

Drive to the Farm Village which is the hub of Noordhoek and the Community. Here in tranquillity you will find funky shops, art, festivities, music, and more. Here you will experience the love for food, roasted coffee, best local wines, kids, sport, art and life.

Come share our special green community space – the Noordhoek common. With its 2 running streams which the kids love, there is space enough for family picnics, feeding of the horses, dog walking, play a game of soccer or cricket. Surrounded by the magnificence of the Noordhoek mountains bring your blanket and a book and enjoy the tranquillity of our special space.

On the Noordhoek mountain slopes, Cape Point Vineyards invites you to spend the afternoon enjoying a relaxed picnic on their magnificent wine farm accompanied by magnificent wines and breath-taking views.

Combined with that enjoy their tastings of their award winning wines.

A place for the whole family to have and where children can explore and run free.


Noordhoek village is the dining capital of the South Peninsula offering a range of restaurant from coffees and breakfasts, to pub grub, to fine dining ...

Move up into the slopes of the Noordhoek mountain range to Cape Point Vineyards where you will enjoy our local food market, picnics and wine tasting with the best views in the world.

Closer to the beach is another hive of activity where you will find 2 beach bar restaurants that serve cocktails and canapés, alfresco dining on the deck overlooking the beach or in the garden where the children can explore. Laid back in shorts and slip slots with panoramic views our special beach.

And if you enjoy a relaxed garden feeling, tucked away you will find Ellies Deli where “organic growth” has been her secret success behind her food.

Ellies Deli

Ellies Deli which has the policy of “no-signage” makes Ellie’s Deli somewhat hard to find. Don’t let the rural location nor lack of signage put you off though. “Organic growth” is how Elly describes the key to her success.

This is a place to chill, hang out with friends and just switch off from the city. The Deli is especially child-friendly with children being able to play in the secure, shaded sandpit or have a game of hide and go seek in the trees protecting the outside tables from the sun. For those of you with furry, four legged companions, well behaved dogs are welcome to join. If you prefer an indoor setting, you can take your pick of either the covered patio, protected from the wind and warmed by a wood burner in winter or the bright and airy café decorated with an abundance of local artwork. No matter where you choose to sit, expect to have a relaxing time, it goes with the territory! The menu is as unpretentious as the venue, following the principles of the Low Carb High Fat.

The Foodbarn

The Foodbarn restaurant at the Farm Village is famous for its French chef Franck Dangereux's. His culinary skills deliver the most delicious and decadent fine dining in a stylish, elegant but relaxed atmosphere.

Foodbarn Deli is the Cape’s best bakery and during the day is a hive of activity as one can enjoy the smells of fresh breads, pastries and coffee plus delicious creations for breakfast and lunch. At night, is it transformed into an awesome Tapas restaurant serving the most amazing food with the most amazing flavours. Absolute fun for the whole family.

Cafe Roux

Café Roux is the place to be if you wish to sit outside in the sun with family and friends. Let the kids run free or play in the village playground. You will find fresh, unpretentious and delicious food here with a glass of wine. Enjoy live music and enjoy the country vibe.

Home to Bob Skinstad's country pub, The Toad, you will find a super relaxed country pub which is family friendly and fun and a great venue to watch all the televised sporting events over a beer, pizza or steak.

Village Sushi

An authentic Asian restaurant, Village Sushi is Noordhoeks best kept secret.

Run by the quiet Andy and Lili Liu from North Beijing, you will find delicious sushi offerings in a serene setting, in the same Farm Village area.

Slip Slops Beach Bar

Beach Road Bar and Slips Slops Beach Bar along Beach road, provide laid back alfresco dining either on the deck with its panoramic view of Noordhoek beach or in the garden under the Milkwoods.

You will find cocktails, canapés, beer on tap, steaks, pizzas and live music.


Silvermine Nature Reserve and dam

Right on our doorstep, on Ou Kaapse Weg, is Silvermine Nature Reserve and dam which forms part of the Table Mountain National Park and encapsulates part of the Cape Peninsula mountain range, from Kalk Bay through to Constantiaberg.

It's a cool misty morning when we visit the reserve and the clouds roll in over Silvermine as rapidly as the tablecloth covers the Mother City’s iconic landmark.

The reserve is popular during the warmer months for its beautiful hikes and picnic spots next to the dam, but the wild nature of the surroundings are equally highlighted in winter when the mist lies low above the fynbos and the rain turns everything green and the rivers and waterfall runs wildly.

In 1675 it was thought that these mountains contained silver and so shafts were sunk to try and find it. There was, in fact, no silver to be found but the name has stuck and today we can enjoy the fynbos unspoilt by the mining. In 1898 the reservoir was built to be used as a water supply, but since 1912 this beautifully still body of water, surrounded by picnic spots and trees, is home to a couple of Egyptian geese, schools of fish and happy human swimmers.

The reserve is divided by Ou Kaapse Weg into two sections, each area unique in its own way and offering spectacular panoramic views of the city and Houtbay. In 1998 Silvermine was declared part of Table Mountain National Park which ensures that its natural beauty will be preserved. There are over 900 species of fynbos to be found in the reserve, made up mainly of proteas, ericas and restios. Stop by the main gate on the west side to see their display of the flowers currently in bloom.

On the boardwalk around the dam

It’s a weekday today and the reserve is wonderfully quiet, we’re taking the boardwalk which leads around the dam and the only people in sight are an elderly couple that are clearly regulars. She is taking their dog for a walk as he gingerly wades into the cold water. I am not quite as brave so I won’t be joining the schools of kurper fish in the dam today, but as soon as the weather is a bit warmer you’ll find me back here swimming in the rooibos-hued water.

One of the Hoerikwaggo tented camps is in the reserve so you can spend a night there – it’s the perfect place to go recharge when you need a break from the city, but don’t want to drive for hours. There’s a fully equipped kitchen and a communal braai area (plus hot showers for those of you who don’t like the roughing it aspect of camping) Sanparks has also just built a new set of bathrooms next to the dam for those of you just there for the day.

Walk and Ride

Both the east and the west side of the reserve offer lovely walks while the mountain bike trails are only on the west side.

The walks all start out with clear maps and are well-marked. There’s everything from a short stroll around the reservoir to longer treks that will take you through the plethora of fynbos and past panoramic viewing spots. Pick up a map at the entrance, the various routes are clearly illustrated to keep you on track.

Elephants Eye

The hike starts from the parking lot at the reservoir, look out for the sign that has a detailed map of the route.

You’ll start out on a path which will take you to a dirt road.

The ‘eye’ of the elephant is a wide cave which is a good place to enjoy a break and snack while you enjoy the view.

Silvermine River Walk

This is a beautiful walk along the river and is suited to the not so fit, eldery and children. As you wind your way along the river you will notice the spectacular fauna and flora, birdlife and absolute peacefulness and beauty of this very special place on the doorstep of Noordhoek.

It’s an easy and most awesome escape from the city and offers fun for the whole family. All these hikes, trail runs and bike trails often take in three stunning viewpoints that jointly offer a 360-degree panoramic of the Peninsula.

Look out for the gorgeous King Proteas blooming in autumn. At other times there are blue Disas, Painted Ladies and numerous Erica species along the trail.

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